Three months and counting

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AlexIt was a little more than three months ago that I began my internship here at Zag; how time flies.

Here are a couple of lessons I have learned in my short experience at a budding marketing agency:

Find a mentor. You’re an intern, not the greatest thing since sliced bread. There is much to learn in the industry, so find someone or a group of people (for me, the GCG employees upstairs) to pick their brain – they’ve been at this longer than you. Potential is nothing without inspiration.

The customer is always right. The cliché monster is back, but it’s true. You may have a great idea, but the client ultimately calls the shots – they pay the bills. If you want to run with an idea, be able to back it up – and don’t cry at the first sign of rejection.

The glass is half-full. Donald Draper, the fictional creative director of Sterling-Cooper in Mad Men says, “Advertising is based on one thing – happiness.” I fully agree with this statement; keeping a positive attitude toward your co-workers, clients and ultimately your work is the key to good advertising – no one wants a product when the advertisement/collateral gives an impression of negativity, and all of this is coming from a perpetual cynic.

You’ll have good days, and you’ll have really, really bad days. Most of the time in the office, everything runs smoothly, and there are some days where everything that could go wrong does (the proverbial “crap hitting the fan” day). Sure, the world may be plotting against you, but it’s how you get through these rough patches that defines you. Again, stay positive.

Learn to notice the little things. As a copywriter or creative, this is crucial. The smallest details – punctuation, spelling, sentence placement – can ruin the message you are trying to convey. Pay attention!

Honorable mention: You live or die by the deadline (duh); if you can’t come up with an idea yourself, brainstorm with others; don’t ever pass up free Dippin’ Dots in the lobby – they’re delicious.

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