Research: What the cool kids are doing

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CollinIn my last post, I took great joy in mocking the fact that the line, “knowing is half the battle,” was actually written into script for the G.I. Joe movie. Now I find my foot in my mouth because that line is the perfect platform to launch this post. Irony, you are too cruel.

For the past month, a large part of my job has been devoted towards different types of market research. Why you might ask? Because in marketing, knowing is truly half the battle.

Today’s marketing environment is a constant and fast-paced race to find new and innovative ways to get through to people. With that, it is imperative you know as much as you can about who you are selling to and how to do it.

This is where a good research plan comes into play. If you develop a thorough understanding of factors like what appeals to your audience’s psychology and what others have done in the past, you build a foundation in which truly amazing and effective creative can come from.

Research doesn’t only apply to marketing, but it also can work in everyday life. While I am most certainly a proponent of diving head first into some things, I also know some decisions need to be made with a certain amount of background knowledge.

I’ll have a better opportunity to get that job if I learn about the company prior to an interview. I’ll enjoy that new couch I bought online more after I shopped around and found a better deal. I’ll be so happy I read those reviews before going to buy that Nickleback CD. I could really go all day with these examples.

At the risk of sounding like a parent, I’m going to wrap up this post. Just remember: while it is not the most thrilling thing to do, in marketing or your daily life, research pays off.

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