Noticing the little things

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kelsey-polaBelieve it or not, people notice change – even if it seems minute.

That’s what happened to IKEA a few weeks ago.

After 50 years of using the same typeface on all communication materials, IKEA decided to change from Futura to Verdana.


The catalog before the font change.

The 2010 catalog with the Verdana font

The 2010 catalog with the Verdana font.

The font change first came in the company’s catalog, which it deems as the “world’s most printed book.” An immediate backlash incurred from mostly advertising professionals rather than the public.

IKEA’s reasoning for the change is to simply increase legibility across all forms of media (i.e. digital and print). Verdana is designed to increase legibility with its wide, open letters and space between characters.

Some of the main forms of protest were blogs, Twitter posts and even an online petition launched by Marius Ursache, a Romanian design consultant.

Even with all of the backlash, IKEA doesn’t plan on changing the font back, as of right now.

I guess it just goes to show that even when the rest of the world doesn’t mind, you can always count on professionals in the advertising industry to catch the most miniscule things.


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