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LigiaWhat is SEO? No, it’s not internet chat lingo that makes you feel “uncool” because you don’t know what it means (ROFL     anyone?).  SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a very simple tool that is often overlooked. When used correctly, it can do wonders for your Web site and business.

The best way to define it is, “SEO is the business of getting found, even if the users did not know that they were looking for you all along.”

Unless you are a recognized brand, like Nike, people are usually not going to search specifically for your business. Let’s say I create a Web site for my dog-walking business called “Walk & Bark” (hold your applause for my creative business name).  When somebody goes to search for a dog walking business in Fort Worth, that’s exactly what they are going to type into the search engine, “Dog Walking in Fort Worth”. Unless they specifically have my business name, they are most likely to use generic search terms and click on whatever comes up in the first page of the results. If those generic key terms aren’t built into your Web site, the chances of you being found are slim to none.

It takes a while to get onto the front page of search engines but you can increase your chances by utilizing SEO. So here are a couple of tips to get you started on SEO ASAP:

» Add in meta tags into your HTML code. To learn how to do this, check out this article, “How to Use HTML  Meta Tags for SEO.”

» Keywords and SEO are best friends. Incorporate them into your written content in order to increase your chances of being found. Need help with keywords? This article is a good resource, “How to Pick Your Keywords.”

» Fresh and updated content attracts search engine spiders to your site, so keep it updated often. An easy way to do this is by having a news section or a blog section that gets updated regularly.

» Get other sites to link back to you. It lets the search engines know that your site is relevant since people are linking to it.

» Google Business Solutions offers useful features such as keywords suggestions, analytics, Google maps, and much more that help with SEO.

» There are countless articles, books and professionals that can help you with SEO. Remember, you can have the best web site in the world but if nobody can find it, then what’s the point?

TTYL! (This one took me a while to figure out too)


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