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kelsey-polaAs a marketing agency, being located in Fort Worth definitely has its advantages. For one, it’s Fort Worth, and really, who doesn’t love this city? Second, local businesses are the best here – Kincaid’s and McKinley’s are definitely at the top of that list. And third, TCU is right down the road.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity last Friday to attend a seminar on business online networking, and I got some pretty interesting definitions out of it that I thought I would share.

These definitions really are a great metaphor for the whole microcosm of social media:

  • Facebook is a pub – an informal place to talk casually with people and get to know them on a more personal basis
  • LinkedIn is a trade show – a slightly more formal place to meet other business professionals and connect with them primarily for business purposes
  • Twitter is a cocktail party – an energetic place where there are many conversations going on at once, amazing applications that allow you to see topic trends and reach many “followers” with your message
  • YouTube is Times Square on New Year’s Eve – a place where it’s hard to break through, but if you do, a lot of people will see you
  • MySpace is Woodstock – wild, crazy and perfect for the younger generation or cause-oriented marketing
  • HubSpot is the stock market – it brings you the measurements of what your online activities are doing for your business
  • introNetworks is like a trade show on steroids – it gets your groups and event participants interacting with each other before, during and after the event
  • cubeless is the company newsletter on steroids – it gets your employees interacting and collaborating with each other

The question now is, “which medium best fits your needs?”


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