Halloween in review

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AlexWho would’ve thought that attending a few Halloween parties this weekend would be a learning experience?

Taking a day out of the year to be somebody else is always interesting. If there is anything I can take away from Halloween this year, it is that the holiday is an overt demonstration of trends and pop culture within our communities, and each costume carries a marketing message.

As consumers, we naturally follow fads. This year I saw a good mix of Halloween mainstays like Superman, Batman and Catwoman; these are established brands that show up every year like clockwork. But there were also a large number of costumes that easily reflect recent events and trends within our society.

According to CNN, some of the most popular costumes this year were of celebrities who recently passed away. I can attest to this because I saw a fair share of Michael Jackson impersonators this weekend — including the creepiest mask of the King of Pop I have ever seen, donned by a small child.

There were a couple of other inventive costumes reflecting the year that was and is. I got a real kick out of people creating last minute guises as the balloon boy and Lady Gaga, another big trend this year.

There are of course a few costumes that I really, really hated this year. The sheer amount of Kate Gosselin wigs drove me insane and the whole Twilight vampire schtick really set the genre back.

One of the hidden functions of these costumes is to drive a brand through free publicity. Whether it is a person, place or symbol, whenever somebody puts on a costume, they are basically a street team for the given persona.

All I know is that I’m happy that The Joker did not make a return this year. Why? I’m afraid of clowns, so you can understand how much of a nightmare my past Halloween was.

Moving forward, it’s now November, and there’s plenty to celebrate in the coming weeks. For one, it will be our agency’s six-month anniversary soon! Thanksgiving and Christmas are kind of a big deal too.


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