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I was reading an article in the February issue of Restaurant Business, and there were some interesting tidbits I figured might be good to share. Even though this publication (obviously) targets restaurants, the messages can be utilized by all industries.

There were nine specifics the article mentioned, and here they are, followed with a short description:

1.    “Get on your soapbox” – Having a solid brand position allows customers to be drawn to your product and service.

2.    “Update your site and start a blog” –Simply put, maintain your content, and it will keep customers coming back for more.

3.    “Create a social media policy” – Even though it may just be a one-person operation, come up with a strategy and use it.

4.    “Build and combine lists” – Start bringing all of your customer information together, and then begin grouping people into categories for future marketing efforts.

5.    “Market directly” – If you know specifically where your customers are, why not directly market to them?

6.    “Do videos” – If your product or service shines in demo mode, shoot it and upload the video to YouTube.

7.    “Mobile marketing” – These days most people look at their cell phone more than anything else, use it to send out promotional offers directly.

8.    “Referral system” – Run a referral program, plain and simple.

9.    “Focus on ideal customers” – Profile these people in detail, then determine what your company gives them that’s important and find more customers just like that.

These days it’s tough to stand out from the crowd, but with a few simple techniques, your business will consistently be one step ahead.


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