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The other day a few of my friends and I were discussing our expectations for the future. We didn’t talk about our far-flung desire for flying cars and self-lacing shoes (I just had to throw in a nod to my favorite movie Back to the Future). Instead we talked about what we really want to do with our lives and the directions we all would take. Naturally our conversation revolved around topics like our plans for employment, family and more.

As a senior that’s feverishly getting my ducks in order before graduation, it’s really a bittersweet junction of my life. I’m going to be ecstatic to finish my final exams and (hopefully) never have to take another one again, but I will also truly miss the people and places that I have come to associate with my time at TCU, because after May, I will be stamped with the “alumnus” tag and move along to another stage of life—the proverbial “real world,” as they say.

Over a month away from walking across the big purple stage, you would think that I have a direction carved out for myself. The truth is that I don’t—the tough job market has really put me in a funk defined by stress, terror and a very small pinch of exhilaration. These factors made the conversation I had with my friends very interesting, yet insightful.

Not knowing the direction I’m moving in, and having the “living at mom and dad’s house” option breathing down my neck, I was forced to come up with a plan for my future on the fly.

These are a few goals in my life that I really hope I can stick to after graduation:

I will write. I love being a copywriter. That is one thing, among many others, I learned at my time in Zag. The power of word and language, coupled with graphics, in advertising are truly enormous. On the other hand, I also I have passion for literature as well. Eventually I hope my writing will develop to a point where I can write a novel or an interesting non-fiction piece.

I won’t stop learning. I will be more than happy to never take a test again, but I will always try to improve my work. I’ve been soaking up advertising history and attempting to grasp concepts in design and type on my free time, which has been sparse this semester. It will be nice to graduate and have the opportunity to dive right into these subjects on my own.

I will not sell out. No, I’m not taking jabs at the account side of the business; I just want to stay in the creative realm—simply put, it’s what I’m good at.

I will (hopefully) work on my own terms. By this statement I don’t mean I will be the rogue in the office. I want to be able to express my creativity on my own terms, that is, write and conceptualize with as much freedom as possible within an agency environment.

To be quite honest, I have never been a “five-year plan” type of person. I believe we live in a society that moves so quickly that you don’t know what to expect in a year, let alone five. This is why I hope the declarations I have made to myself will stick.


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