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Lessons learned from Washington

collin-polaIf I’ve learned anything in the past six months, it would be that it pays to work hard. While this may seem obvious to some, I never truly realized it until my senior year of college.

In November, I was accepted to be on TCU’s National Student Advertising Competition team. TCU had started to make a name for themselves in this competition. TCU had made it to Nationals two years in a row, and if we could make it this year, TCU would be the first in NSAC history to do so.

Everyone who participated in this competition told me: “learn to enjoy your days off” and “you’re going to give your soul to this project.” If only I had known how right they were.

The next semester was a gauntlet of research, strategic creative brainstorming sessions and much more. I found myself going to bed early on Friday nights because we had nine to five meetings on Saturday. When all of my friends were hitting the beach for their last spring break, I was researching numbers about binge drinking. Needless to say, we all worked hard.

Then came the district competition, where the word about our team was spreading. At districts, we were awarded the wild card slot to go to Nationals. TCU had made history.

The national competition was in Washington, DC, and if you haven’t been there, go! In the end, we were named the 9th best student advertising team in the nation – It’s still something I’m trying to wrap my head around.

Did I get to enjoy my last semester of college as much as everyone else? Probably not.
Did I get to go on an awesome trip for my last spring break? No sir.

But out of all the chaos, I got an amazing trip to DC, had the time of my life, made history and was a member of one of the most elite advertising teams in the nation.

Hard work does pay off: lesson learned.

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